We are a group of trainers-coaches-psychologists with high professional qualifications in psychology and personal development, backed by years of managerial experience in multinational corporate companies. This let us fully understand the specific needs and problems of our clients and challenges faced by business people

We all used to be once in the shoes of our clients, went through the same stages and problems, and learned from the best how to overcome them.

In addition to working as trainers and coaches, we are academics, conduct scientific research and do charity works – always serving people and their development.

Dr. Krzysztof Kaleta

psychologist, trainer, coach, brand strategist

PhD in Social Psychology, specializes in consumer psychology, cognitive psychology of persuasion and resistance to persuasion and self-development and motivation.

Received Master in Management from Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), a Master of Science in Psychology from Warsaw School of Social Psychology (SWPS), Master in International Management from Universita Bocconi in Milano and a PhD  from Warsaw University. He has taught economy and psychology students and conducted scientific research for 7 years and is now also training and coaching corporate managers in the UK and Poland. Received corporate coaching diploma from the Coaching Academy in London, the largest European coaching organization. Graduated from INTRA - the best Polish school for psychology trainers. Has more than 10 years’ experience of working in various managerial positions for FMCG and media corporate companies.

He is an author of several articles in scientific and popular press.