Our mission is to help managers and  business people in their personal and professional development:  inspire to change,  explore and polish their talents or learn new skills that will improve the quality of their personal and professional lives - that are always  a one thing for us.

House of Knowledge is a a highly specialized personal development boutique, offering a narrow range of high quality services (based on coaching, training, experimental learning) that stimulate the development of managers, business people and professionals. We work only in selected areas where we feel competent and ready to guarantee a high likelihood of success.

The person we work with is always our client, even when our service is ordered by their employer.  Our client’s  development, work and life satisfaction (that always come together) is a primary drive of our work . We look at people and their development in a holistic way - we believe that all areas of our lives are related  and interrelated to each other.

We use the innovative, non-standard methods of learning, up to the minute coaching and training tools, and the latest industry knowledge and tailor it to what you need. We mix different cross discipline techniques that stimulate personal development, but always provide psychological safety and represent the highest quality and ethical standards.

We work with those who realize that the most valuable asset in every company is a satisfied employer, who is given opportunities to develop and fulfill in both at work and in his private life. The development of the so-called  "soft skills" has become the most important element of human resource management of the most successful companies in the  recent years. In the world of unified technologies and processes, they are the ones that decide about a competitive advantage of effective managers and their teams.