Czy sprzedaż Ciechana w wyniku bojkotu konsumenckiego spadnie i czy takie akcje są w ogóle skuteczne? Zaprszamy do wysłuchania on-line audycji na ten temat z udziałem ekspertów House of Knowledge.,Klienci-mowia-nie

(audycja trwa 26 min, żeby posłuchać kliknij na ikonę głośnika przy artykule)


House of Knowledge partners up Noble Bank in the cycle of 11 meetings Private Banking After Hours, aimed at promoting the knowledge and idea of authentic leadership among managers and business people in Poland. See more at
As part of the project a series of articles will be published in Private Banking magazine. You will be able to read them in English in our blog (see below).

We will soon start a new, and unique on the Polish market, training in psychology of consumer behavior addressed to marketers and brand managers. We will observe consumers behind the mirror together with consumer psychologists and market researchers, and learn how to analyze their behaviors.